Ronan Noble

August 9, 2022

On the evening of June 11th, 2022, our son, Ronan Noble Lines, was born weighing 7 lbs, 3 oz. and measuring 19.75” long. He was perfect in every way. Due to complications after his birth, we only got to be with him for a short time before he passed early in the morning of June 13th, and we loved every moment we got to share with him. 

The Irish name Ronan means “little seal” and in Hebrew, means “song of joy.” His middle name, Noble, is a name passed down from Annabelle’s family, and one that we felt fit him perfectly as he fought nobly during his brief time with us. 

We’re so incredibly grateful that we got to meet our little one, and even though we never got to bring him home from the hospital, he’ll always have a place in our hearts.